The original, sourced from the highest elevation mountains in British Columbia, Canada, well above environmental contamination, filtered and then hydrogen-infused

Hydrogen water but with added carbonation for those who enjoy a sparkling water with all the same benefits of our incredible Hydrogen-Infused water

The purest PH-boosted water sourced from the highest elevation mountains in British Columbia, Canada

Big White Hydrogen Water

Best Water in the World?

A critical part of a human’s daily life is the consumption of water as many of the body’s vital functions depend on water. The water obtained from natural reservoirs present underground and springs are known as mountain water or mineral water. Many essential minerals could be present in high amounts in mountain water such as magnesium, calcium, or sodium. Therefore, several health benefits can be achieved when mountain water is consumed1. The source of water or the area from where it is obtained also determines the amount and type of minerals. Because of this the flavor of water and the health benefits it provides may differ greatly. However, some minerals can be found in tap water, mountain water packed in cans generally have a higher percentage of these minerals2.


Hydrogen-Infused Mountain Water

If you are looking for extra energy, hydrogen water is the best source to get your supply of that extra energy. Because hydrogen water functions as s signal modulator, it reduces the production of lactic acid and improves metabolism. This is especially beneficial for athletes4. This allows you to remain full of energy for a longer time without experiencing fatigue and stiffness.
Dr. R. Moin M.D.
University of Health Sciences
Of all the health benefits, the most prominent is the antioxidant property of hydrogen. Oxidative stress is caused by free radicals in your cells. Free radicals are unstable atoms that constantly search for other atoms to bind. They attack molecules in the mitochondrion — the energy center of the cell — and other vital organelles in the cells. By damaging all the important machinery of a cell, it halts its growth as well as normal functioning. Free radicals are either produced by our cells as a by-product of metabolism or by air pollutants, X-rays exposure, cigarette smoking, and industrial chemical wastes. They are a major cause of disease and inflammation in your body. Persistent oxidative stress leads to severe diseases including cancer. Hydrogen (H2) neutralizes free radicals in the cell. Each hydrogen molecule destroys two free radicals produced during day-to-day stress. The positive anti-oxidant response has been reported in different scientific studies. For example, a study investigated the beneficial effects of hydrogen water in patients undergoing radiotherapy against liver cancer. The results indicated that people who consumed hydrogen-rich water had lower levels of free radicals in their blood3.

Big White Hydrogen Water

Antioxidant Properties Of Hydrogen Water



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